The article above completely overlooks the "real victims" of the opioid crisis.

Those who live in severe or chronic pain are constantly penalized as states, doctors, pharmacists, insurance companies, etc. make it harder and harder for chronic pain sufferers to get their prescription for pain management purposes. Sadly all to many within our society have been having a giant pity party for drug addicts and drug abusers in the United States, while forgetting about those law abiding citizens who live in pain needing prescription opioids for pain management purposes. In Phoenix AZ several years ago, the conservative repubs who control the state decided that giving free meds to street people to control their mental problems was wasteful. But when they cut off the free meds, muggings and fighting skyrocketed. Instead of a few bucks for free meds, cops, courts and jail (huge expense) was the result and when they ended up in jail, guess what, they got free meds to control their mental problems. Likewise, when the miscreant republican conservatives cut medical care and fail to properly address the opioid problem, they transfer the problem and the expense to emergency rooms, sick days, misery, violence, and bankruptcy. I recognize that conservatives don't give a damn for anyone other than themselves, but it's been proven over and over again that acting compassionately for our fellow Americans saves $$.